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Honoring Mom: The Impact Of A Mother’s Faith

(Pastor Rip’s Message this week)

There is no other job in the world that is as rewarding (and sometimes heart breaking) as motherhood. And no other job that will have the influence, or the impact on the world, like parenting does. Pastor Rip offers a message of Encouragement for Mom’s based on the life of Hannah and her example of [prayer, faith, and integrity.

Mother's Day can be a day of celebration for some and a day of quiet reflection and healing for others. We celebrate all the women in our church and community with a blessing to those who are already moms, those who are trying to be moms, and those who aren't moms, but may fill the role of mom in someone's life. To all of the special women in our lives, rest and delight in knowing that we are thankful for you and we celebrate each and every one of you!


Every mom knows: labor doesn’t end in the delivery room- in fact, that’s only the beginning.

This is a warm reminder from moms to moms that, even when she feels unnoticed and under-appreciated, God sees all the ways a mom loves her children in the ordinary, but holy, aspects of everyday life.

Stuff Moms Never Say

This hilarious Mother’s Day video features a mom stating a huge variety of phrases that we all know mothers would never say (well, most mothers).We love you, moms – just the way God made you!


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