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Prince Of Peace Week 4: Prince Of Peace

Prince Of Peace Week 4: Prince Of Peace

The birth of Jesus changed the entire dynamic of life on Earth. Suddenly, there was a Savior, a Redeemer, a Deliverer. The chaos, fear and brokenness which consumed us, was now replaced by the love, joy, and peace of Jesus.

Prince Of Peace Week 3: Everlasting Father

Jesus’ birth changed everything. This little child would carry the weight of the world on His shoulders. He is Emmanuel, God with us. Almighty God and Everlasting Father.

Spoken Word Christmas

Take a moment to reflect on the purpose of why Jesus came to earth at Christmas. He came not to heap shame upon sinners or explain the mysteries of the cosmos, but to bring us salvation, hope, and eternal life.

Grace In A Manger

It was a moment when the mercy of God was on full display and love outweighed the sin that made our connection with God impossible. The Creator was longing for His creation and at Christmas we remember that Love made a way to replace our brokenness. Grace in a Manager.


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