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What is Faith?

Faith enables us to live in such a way that as the world around us disbelieves and persecutes the faith, we, by God’s grace, persevere through those trials and tribulations with our eyes fixed upon Jesus.

He is the “founder and perfecter of faith” (12:2) who not only writes the script of our lives but who also, through His upholding wisdom and power, carries us to the end of the drama when we are gathered together with all the saints who have gone before us to celebrate the glorious victory of God over sin, Satan, and death.

Our part in this beautiful drama may seem small or even frustrating at times. But that's how it was with the people of God in the Old Testament. They had to learn, by faith, to look beyond what they could see to that which had been promised. Like them, we must learn to listen to the Word of God as long as “today” is still called “today” and to not let our hearts become hardened by the wilderness of this present evil age.

What is faith?

Faith is a beautiful thing; it is a gift from God and a means by which we not only receive the promises of God in Christ but also testify to those promises to a watching world.


Rippert Roberts, Jr



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