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About Grace-Point Fellowship

Grace-Point Fellowship's Mission Statement:

" Our mission is to connect people to God through a relationship with Christ so that they can connect with others like Christ!"


Grace-Point Fellowship's Purpose Statement;

The purpose of our Church is summarized in one sentence based on two key scriptures (Matthew 22:36-40 & Matthew 28:19-20):


Grace-Point Fellowship's Purpose Statement:

"We believe a great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church."

Grace-Point Fellowship exists to glorify God through transformed lives. 

How do we do it?

Love God. Love Others. Live The Gospel.

You can click on the links above to hear more about what we believe these actions to mean. 

At Grace-Point you will find people from every background and in many different stages of life. The one thing that unites us is our relationship with Christ and our love for one another. We know we have a long way to go, but we are committed to the journey and welcome anyone to join us.

History of Grace-Point Fellowship

In November of 2014, Grace-Point Fellowship (GPF) began as the result of a desire to form a fellowship that could and would reach those who were unchurched and the “de-churched” (and people who are just "churched" out). We wanted to offer real relationships, meet real needs, and help heal real hurts.


Soon a few families, their friends and neighbors would meet in each other’s homes to pray for one another, our community and to study the bible together to discover our purpose and God’s plan for us in our homes, community, and the world.

The reason was simple: Love.

Our purpose statement reads; “Our purpose is to connect people to God through a relationship with Christ so that they can connect with others like Christ.”

Grace-Point’s objective is to create community that leads to communion in uncommon ways.

  • Coffee Shops and Conference Calls.

  • Rented Conference rooms and Buffet restaurants.

  • Parks and Parking lots.

  • So, Grace Point has never been about a building or one location.

  • Anywhere and in anyway two or more can gather in the name of Jesus we want to create community.

  • Today, using technology Grace Point has fellowships in Virginia, Chicago, New York, and Mississippi

  • The point of Grace Point is connection and relationships.

  • To provide a place where the depressed, the hurting, and hopeless can come and find help.

  • To be a place of family, community, and hope.

At Grace-Point we don’t want to only tell people about God’s love we want them to feel it as we put feet to our faith in service to the community.

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