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Grace-Point Fellowship Bible Study

Join us on the Grace Point Bible Study Conference Call each Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30pm

 Call by phone: 1-425-436-6260

Code: 2709311  

 Or you can use your Smart phone, tablet or computer to join the call via the internet at:

The Vine Life Introduction 

Religion is about what man can do for God but Christianity is about what God has done for man!

God didn’t just reach down to rescue us—He came down to redeem us!

Because of His life,death, burial and resurrection He can now take sinners and call them saints.


He is a relational God who has invited everyone on earth to connect with Him in a real and personal relationship that’s only possible because of His loving sacrifice, His grace and His mercy.

In this series Pastor Rip will explore this relationship between God and man as we live “The Vine Life”.

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