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Good Friday and Easter with Grace Point Fellowship

Hold your head high and look to the cross. Hold your head high as He declares you forgiven. Hold your head high as He bears every sorrow and every grief and every pain.Hold your head high as He removes your guilt, your shame, and your penalty. Hold your head high as the One who knows you by name and declares you “fearfully and wonderfully made” boasts over you with joy, rejoices over you with shouts, and loves you without limits. Hold your head high and know that not only is the cross empty but the tomb is empty too!

The Day That Changed The World

What was once a dark and silent Saturday becomes a joyful and victorious Sunday. Because the tomb is empty, we have hope, joy, meaning, heaven, and forgiveness.

The resurrection of Jesus changed the world, and it can change anybody.

Risen: Spoken Word

Jesus’ resurrection impacts our everyday lives. Our struggles with distraction, anxiety and condemnation are contrasted with the encouragement that, because He lives, we can dance in the radiance of our redeeming savior.

Love Has Risen

Look around, it doesn’t take long to recognize the brokenness surrounding us. The pain we are witnessing is real, and the need for a Savior is undeniable. It’s this need which broke the heart of God and moved Him to do the unimaginable. For God so loved the world He sent His only Son, to change our eternity. To be our perfect sacrifice. Today, as we face so many unknowns, may we remember the simple truth of Easter. The stone’s been rolled away. The grave is empty. Jesus is alive…and love has risen!


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