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July 4th Posts from Grace Point Fellowship

A Fourth of July Prayer

This Fourth of July prayer reminds us that God is the one who gives us freedom, and ask that He would help our country turn toward Him, uniting all of us in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Dear America

It's easy for us to get distracted and thrown off course by the challenges in our country. This letter to America serves as an apology for not loving our neighbors as ourselves, for saying things that Jesus wouldn't say, and for not treating everyone as though we were all created equal in God's image. May this video inspire us to spread joy, encourage people, and share Jesus with others.


Discover the power of faith in overcoming obstacles and finding hope in uncertainty. Trust in something greater, connect the seen with the unseen, and embrace the journey. With faith, the impossible becomes possible, refining us through trials and filling our hearts with hope. Experience the love and grace of God, knowing that with faith, we are never alone.


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