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The Love Has A Name Series Week 2

The Love Has A Name Series

The world is more divisive than ever. The Church must be different. The Love Has a Name sermon series helps us stay love-centered as we proclaim and demonstrate unity in Jesus and help others feel the love of Christ.

The Love Has A Name Series Week 2 – Love Is More Than A Theory

Love requires action, not just theories.

Love stops being a nice theory when we start loving the people around us. When theories turn to action, we see our weakness on full display, but we also see the power of God working through our weakness.

Love Changes Everything

Can you imagine what it would be like if there wasn’t love? What would life become? Without love, there would be no compassion, no comfort, no peace. Without love, there would be no caring, no giving, no kindness. Without love, we would be consumed by selfishness. Without love, grace would never have been offered and mercy would be unimaginable. When you add love to the equation, everything changes.

Fourth Of July Prayer

God is the one who gives us freedom, and we pray that He would help our country turn toward Him, uniting all of us in the land of the free and home of the brave.


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