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A Special Note from Pastor Rip Roberts

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Point of Grace Podcast,

Let me start by telling you how much Michelle and I love and appreciate you all.

We thank God for each of you.

It is my honor and a joy to be your pastor and Your friend. Grace-Point Fellowship has never been about a particular building. It's always been about building up special people.

Grace-Point Fellowship is not about where we are..but who we are.

Our Fellowship, like our faith in Jesus, is not about religion..It's about a loving relationship. We will continue to love and honor our Savior and love one another just as Christ loves us.

We will continue to tell as many people as we can about Our Heavenly Father's love for them by showing them His His love with what we do and not just what we say.

Because of the love and forgiveness we have received, by God's amazing grace, no matter where we are, or the circumstances we find ourselves, we will stand firm in that love.

We will hold on to one another as we welcome and encourage anyone who is seeking a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ..Because that's still the point of grace.

We are still Grace-Point Fellowship.

We are still the Church!

Remember, that God still loves you and that we still love you too.


Rippert Roberts, Jr, Pastor


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