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Grace-Point Fellowship Launches New Puppet Ministry!

There is no other ministry quite like puppet ministry! Puppets are effective in reaching, teaching, and entertaining audiences of all ages. They aren't just for kids. Everybody loves puppets!

The Grace-Point Puppets: When God gave me the idea of a puppet ministry it was the furthest thing from my mind! But when I shared the idea with our ministry team, they blew me away with their excitement, enthusiasm and creativity! In the hands of our dedicated puppeteers, these foam and fabric creations make us laugh, make us cry, and can even share important Biblical messages.

Puppets are fun and non-threatening. As cartoon-like pictures of humanity, our puppets they can present meaningful truths in a way that is easily accepted. We believe that many unique opportunities for ministry are available to The Grace Point Puppets because puppets can open doors to unexpected and surprising settings for sharing God's word.

Our Purpose Statement:

Our Purpose is to share the Word of God, the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Saving Grace through puppet entertainment. The Grace-Point Puppets present the message of the saving Gospel of Christ through skit and song.

Our first ever Ministry event will be at the Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter, in Fredericksburg, VA. And we are beyond excited!

We hope to bring smiles to the faces of the families as we share the story of the arrival of the Baby King with a new twist and tell this heart-warming story while teaching life lessons that the Kid’s (and adults) can take with them.

The musical introduces us to an irresistible group of orphans, who live in the Bethlehem Inn, and who tell the story of Christmas and how God sent His only Son to be born, Straight Outta Bethlehem!

We want the puppets’ re-telling of the holy, blessed event to shine a bright new light on the importance of our Savior’s birth.

Through these puppets we want to share the message that God is with us and we don’t have to be alone! All of us can be adopted into God’s family!

Story Synopsis

Here we are in the “sleepy” little village of Bethlehem. But in this tiny town something huge and miraculous is about to happen…the birth of the Messiah! Right in the midst of all the action is an irresistibly intrepid and indefatigable group of orphans who reside at the Inn of Bethlehem. Meet Starr, Zoolie, John Luke, Gertie, Magnus, and Blake (oh, and shepherds Zeke and Ziggy!). Along with Trixie, who runs the inn, this loveable ragamuffin group of characters will put a smile on your lips and a song in your heart as they unveil the story of Christmas and how God sent His only Son to be born, STRAIGHT OUTTA BETHLEHEM. As eyewitnesses to the holy, blessed event, their special re-telling of the story is sure to shine a bright new light on the importance of our Savior’s birth!


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