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The Always God Sermon Series Week 3 - Always Seeing

The Always God Sermon Series

Week 3 - Always Seeing

To have a God who always sees, means we have a God who always cares.

This week, message is about a God who sees.

The main idea behind this message is that the God who sees, means the God who cares. This message is a message of hope – God has NOT forgotten you! God sees you!

You See Me

Be encouraged as you reflect upon God’s love for the scared and the broken. He sees your pain, your need for hope, love, and a savior in times of uncertainty. He can be your joy, strength, and king.

You Matter To God

We sometimes need reminding of our worth in Jesus. He says we are worthy, and we are a new creation in Him! We don’t have to be afraid or believe in the ways that the world defines us when God says we are seen, righteous and clean.


Sometimes it’s moments of brokenness which create the greatest transformations. Times where fear gives birth to faith, pain leads to healing and chaos dissolves into peace. It’s in these times, we often see God more clearly. For in our deepest turmoil, He remains faithful. When our spirit is crushed, He remains strong. When the moment is too heavy’ He carries the burden. As gold is refined by fire, we too, are often refined by struggle. It’s part of growing, changing, becoming. Lately, the journey has been difficult. Our breath has been labored; our step uneasy. But we stand in faith knowing Who is leading us through this desert. The God of Peace, the God of Hope, the God of Restoration.


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