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The Power of His Resurrection


Last week we celebrated Easter. We remembered the resurrection and we worshipped a Savior who defeated sin, conquered death and changed our eternity…forever! Now, the work begins. For the miracle of Easter was never meant to be kept secret. It was never meant to be quiet. Instead, it was meant to change hearts and lead people…to Jesus. Easter was the beginning of our calling. A mission to share the love of Christ, this unimaginable hope, with the world. For even now the echoes of the resurrection remind us…our work is not finished. For our mandate remains the same..

o share the hope of Jesus, The love of our Savior, and the life-changing power of the resurrection to the ends of the Earth! This is our calling. This is our mission. This is the work of Easter.


We were not created to live stagnant lives.

To be stuck, bound, or broken.

We were created with a purpose, a calling, a mandate, and a mission. Even in these uncertain times, that calling remains the same.

To go into the world, make disciples and share the love of Jesus. This is the work of Easter. The power of the resurrection in action.

What Jesus did has changed us, made us a new creation, and given us an unimaginable hope. So why keep all of that to ourselves? It’s time to put Easter in motion.

To make a difference and share Jesus with the world around us.

If your life has been changed…It’s time to get to work.

From Doubt to Life (Pastor Rip’s message this week)

We all experience doubt. It’s a part of life.

Which also means it’s a part of faith. Even the original Disciples had their doubts and fears. But Jesus revealed Himself to be faithful and true. He commissioned them to share the Gospel. To share their faith.

And they were moved from doubt to faith, and from faith to life. We hope you will join us for Pastor Rip’s encouraging message from John 20:19-31 as we explore the journey from doubt to faith and are encouraged in the discovery of trusting God’s love for you.


Christians are “GO” people. Matthew 28 commands us to “GO and make disciples of all nations” and Mark 16 says to “GO into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” You can be comfortable or courageous, but you can’t be both. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it.


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