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True Confessions (Pastor Rip’s Message this week)

What we believe about our faith dictates the way we live. As followers of Jesus Christ, as His Church, who are united in faith we are a church that is a powerful force for love and service. Hold tight to our faith in Jesus.

We Are Still His Church

Remember that God’s love, power, and mercy doesn’t change, and wherever two or more are gathered, that unchanging God is there. We have everything we need - we are still His church.

IF ( Have I Done Enough to Receive Salvation)

We all ask the question, "Have I done enough to receive salvation?" We ask it in the form of an “If I” statement. “If I just do such and such, I will be okay.” However, asking "if I" will only lead to feelings of condemnation. Asking "if Christ" however, will lead to you being convinced that God has done everything for you to save you. The Good News of Jesus giving His perfect life for us is a timeless message, that will move us away from trusting on our own merits to trusting on the merits of Christ.


The incredible grace of God is a gift we don’t deserve. Yet, because of the work of the cross, it is a gift given to us freely. In it we find forgiveness, mercy, redemption, and love.

Through grace, we have hope, new birth, and eternal life. That is the power of grace.


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