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Update From Grace Point Fellowship

Our Hope In Lent

Jesus traveled to the wilderness, faced hunger and temptation, and became our example and hope in the season of Lent.

The Work

Look around you, there is so much to do. This world is in no condition for us to simply sit back and watch. There is a tangible desperate need for Jesus, a glimpse of hope in the midst of hopelessness. Jesus experienced this need firsthand and filled him with compassion. He turned to His disciples and said…“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” This alone…should stir our hearts. We have a calling to make a difference. To share the truth of the Gospel and be a light in the darkness. This is the mission of The Church. It’s time for us to look beyond ourselves, to turn our focus to the field and passionately share the love of Jesus. Look around you, there is so much to do…Are you ready to do the work?

God does not play favorites. His grace is not preferential.

Jesus paid an equal price Jesus paid an equal price.

God gave the same Son so that all could have redemption. Salvation is available to all!

Whether you're the first. Or you’re the last. If you have Jesus, you have eternal life.


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