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" Our mission is to connect people to God through a relationship with Christ so that they can connect with others like Christ!"


Sometimes it’s moments of brokenness which create the greatest transformations. Times where fear gives birth to faith, pain leads to healing and chaos dissolves into peace.  It’s in these times, we often see God more clearly.  For in our deepest turmoil, He remains faithful. When our spirit is crushed, He remains strong.   When the moment is too heavy’  He carries the burden. As gold is refined by fire, we too, are often refined by struggle. It’s part of growing, changing, becoming. Lately, the journey has been difficult. Our breath has been labored and our step uneasy.   But we stand in faith knowing who is leading us through this desert.   The God of Peace, the God of Hope, the God of Restoration.


These have been challenging times, but the Body of Christ has proven itself resilient. We have gathered in different ways, in different places, yet stood steadfast…as The Church. We have found peace in God’s promise to never leave us or forsake us. In our separation, we have remained united. In our struggle, we have lived out our faith. In the midst of the unknown, we have leaned on the strength of an all-knowing God. Today, no matter where we gather, we remain God’s people. Our mission has not changed. Our calling has not been altered…and nothing…absolutely nothing will ever change that. We are the Church, and today we stand Resilient!

New Sermon Series Starts This Week:  God’s Grace

Week 1: More Than Forgiveness

We marvel at the immensity of forgiveness offered to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ—but do we know just how vast and rich the gift of grace truly is? 

In this powerful four-week series, Pastor Rip Roberts will share how God's gift of salvation includes far more than the forgiveness of sins.  This enlightening and compelling series explores and teaches the transforming power of God's Grace in the life of every true believer.  Not only does God intend to save us from our sins, but also to renew our hearts and minds after the image of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  Grace begins with the forgiveness offered at the Cross, but as we will see throughout this series, it doesn't end there...

Welcome to the Grace-Point Fellowship (GPF) online community. We believe the internet is a vital tool in sharing our passion for the Gospel and compassion for people. Visit often to learn how God is working in our community through GPF Ministry Partners. Our faith grows and matures most effectively in relationship with other believers. We invite you to explore our ministries and classes online and then join us at Grace-Point Fellowship, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to engage in face-to-face fellowship and discipleship. As you do, we pray God will reveal your next steps in going deeper with Him.

It was Friday Afternoon and Jesus is Dead. This wasn't how it was supposed to be... the Hope of mankind overcome by powers of hell... by the shadow of a grave.     But, instead of killing the Messiah, the cross has become a canvas for salvation. 

The hole that was meant to serve as an instrument of shame and death was instead filled with an instrument to bring healing and new life. That’s the way God is!   Nothing is impossible with Him.  

He takes what is meant for evil and turns it for Good.  He has the power to take our graves and turn them into gardens.

"God’s grace is undeserved yet He gives to all who ask. God’s grace is His love in action. God’s grace is life altering and eternity changing... God’s grace is amazing!"

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